2018 Lead team Application

Due: Thursday, November 9. Sign up for an Interview happening on Friday, November 10 at the BSU.
Kris, Josh & Rebekah have expectations for the USM BSU Lead team. These expectations include....

1. We expect you be a Christ-like example living your life for an Audience of One. Set a godly example by abstaining from - drugs, alcohol, smoking, sex outside of marriage, pornography/fornication. We expect our leadership team to live with integrity before God and God alone. (Ps.104:34, 1Peter 1:13-16)

2. We expect you to strive to have a consistent daily time of Bible intake and prayer. Reading, studying God’s Word and praying should be a regular discipline for our leaders.  

3. We expect you to be a committed leadership team member who makes the leadership team a priority. We expect you to understand that being a member of the BSU Leadership Team is a God given opportunity to serve Him as a student at USM.

4. We expect your consistent attendance at the two BSU weekly meetings (Tuesday nights at 6:01 & Thursdays at 12:01). We expect you to make these meetings a priority. Class is a legitimate excuse; work is not.

5. We expect you to meet once a week in the spring and fall semesters with the BSU staff in discipleship and accountability.

6. We expect you to be involved in a local church.

7. We expect you to give $50 to BSU student missions in 2018. All money given goes to support students who want to serve through BSU student missions. 

8. We expect you to be in attendance at the two BSU state meetings on February 23-24 (Starkville, MS) & at College Student Conference (Jackson area) or near the end of September. Class is an excuse; work is not.